Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Finally Finished ;)

Well I have finally finished the commission I had off a relative who wanted me to match a rose with her shoes and then make a full set for a wedding she is attending soon.
After a few colour mixes and lots of fab advice off Emma Ralph http://www.ejrbeads.co.uk/ I have now finished. I am very pleased with the result, and so thankfully is my relative lol,
I know have the polymer clay bug and am itching to experiment loads more! Will have to wait for payday tho ;)


  1. your roses are beautiful and such an inspiration. I have given you a blog award - just hop over to my blog to get it and pass it on!


  2. You've done a great job with those roses! Emma is such an inspiration…

  3. Ah thanks you both,
    Nicola thanks for the award,I will pass it on once I work out how to do it lol ;)